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Follow Greg as he runs to represent Harwinton, Thomaston, Plymouth, Bristol and Plainville in the State Senate!


Eliminate the CT excise tax on gas

To the Editor: 

Congratulations to Gov. Lamont for signing the bill to suspend the CT excise tax on gas. This is providing needed short-term relief, but a more long-term solution needs to be found for coming issues related to the “gas tax.” 

With General Motors’ plans to only produce all-electric automobiles by 2035 and other manufacturers following suit, the revenue generated by the “gas tax” will be unreliable as a revenue source. While owners of electric vehicles are doing their part to support the growing need to utilize green energy, only owners of vehicles that run on gas are paying the tax that is used to maintain our roads and bridges. That’s not fair. 

In the coming years, as more electric vehicles hit the road, less revenue will be generated by the “gas tax.” This is an issue that is coming straight at us, and it would be best for our state government to solve this problem now rather than later. 

As Senator, I will support the complete elimination of the CT excise tax on gas as soon as possible. 

Greg Hahn Bristol


Greg Hahn Receives Unanimous Endorsement of 31st District Democrats


BRISTOL, Connecticut — Yesterday evening former Bristol City Councilor Greg Hahn was unanimously endorsed by Democratic delegates to the 31st State Senate District convention.


“I’m so grateful to the delegates and to the town committees of our district for their support,” said Hahn. “This will be a tough race, but with reproductive freedoms in the most serious danger since Roe, it doesn’t matter how tough it is. Democrats must win.


“Less than two weeks ago, my opponent regrettably voted against expanding access to reproductive care, and against protecting providers in Connecticut from severe, unwarranted punishment in places like Texas or Alabama. It’s a pretty simple difference: he’s anti-choice, I’m pro-choice.”


Greg grew up in the Sherman Park section of Bristol, and even beyond his time on council, has stayed involved with and supportive of the Bristol-area community. Greg recognizes the need for a seat at the table in Hartford, something his opponent has been unable to deliver on.



Greg Hahn Receives Unanimous Endorsement of 31st District Democrats


Court decision contradicts majority

To the Editor: 

The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to repeal Roe v. Wade is a travesty. Now more than ever, we must rely on our state legislators to keep our strong laws protecting women’s reproductive health.

Let’s be clear, 70 percent of America disagrees with this decision made by the Supreme Court. It was a politically motivated judgement by those that should be above these manipulative efforts.

Now that this immense responsibility rests solely with the states, we must remember: our legislators are supposed to represent the will of the people. Protecting a woman’s right to choose is clearly the will of the people.

We need to make it known that this will not be tolerated. We must hold our legislators accountable. This election cycle, we will determine that path that Connecticut will take. Voting has never been more important. I’m confident voters will see that, too.

Greg Hahn

145 Redwood Dr.

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