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At such a pivotal time in our country, the issues have never been more important. Here's what Greg is going to fight for in Hartford!

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS are under assault. If we want to keep ultra-conservatives out of Connecticut, we need Greg Hahn protecting our right to choose in Hartford, and fighting against the hard-right anti-choice agenda. Greg will ensure family planning and reproductive care are protected, too.

THE RIGHT TO VOTE is the right that protects all the others. It's at the very core of American democracy, but it's never been more at risk. Greg is campaigning for early voting, will fight to pass no-excuse absentee ballots, and will ensure the CT Voting Rights Act passes the Senate. We can keep voting secure and accessible to all, but only if we have leadership who is willing to act.

Our current State Senator is a fine man, but regrettably, he's failed to deliver for our communities. Greg knows Hartford, and he knows how to make sure our communities have A SEAT AT THE TABLE when decisions are being made. The budget process is complex, and making sure we get our fair share will be a top priority for Greg.

By lowering the price of in-state tuition and investing in technical schools, Connecticut can keep our workforce among the best in the world while growing our economy. After the creation the Baimes Art Magnet School and restoration of the Memorial Blvd. Theater, Greg knows what it takes to make smart, productive investments in EDUCATION.

The 31st Senate District is home to some of the most beautiful places in Connecticut—protecting them must be a priority. A smart policy that leverages green energy—like the solar strategy Greg implemented as a member of the Bristol Council Energy Committee—and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY can do that, fight climate change, and grow our economy, all at once.

HEALTHCARE is too expensive, period. By incentivizing competition amongst insurers and capping prescription drug costs, we can lower costs while improving outcomes. As a City Councilor, Greg supported the Bristol Opioid Task Force, a holistic, successful approach to combating the ongoing opioid crisis that he'll bring to the State Senate.

Greg is going to Hartford to fight for us, and that means he's going to continue cutting TAXES for our working- & middle-class families, and building on his time as a Bristol City Councilor, where Greg and his team were responsible for bringing more businesses into town then ever before. He's solved decades-old problems in Bristol, and as a State Senator, Greg will do it again.

Greg will fight for SENIORS by expanding tax exemptions on pensions and annuities. Greg also knows how important targeted programs like Meals on Wheels, senior transport, the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, and regional senior center programs are. Seniors have contributed so much to our communities—they deserve a State Senator who will look out for them.

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